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Experiments with Light

Searching for ways to give form to the invisible through lumen prints. Ellen has been using light sensitive chemicals, the Cyanotype process and dark room processes to explore the connection between ourselves and the magic of light. 

These works are Photograms, also known as camera-less photographs, which stretch the traditional photograph to its limits by exposing the light sensitive surface directly to light.

Ellen Cyanotype.jpg

Energies of Earth Series

This series of works, Energies of Earth, is searching for ways to give form to the invisible forces, frequencies and energies that we often feel rather than see. Using the cyanotype process, I have exposed the print whilst working on the surface in graphite and water. The drawing on the surface is constantly in flux responding to my movements with the brush or cloth. Within the time it takes for each print to expose, the cyanotype captures the movement of the materials gliding across the cyanotype surface. The result is a delicate abstract print in deep tones of prussian blue developed in the timeframe of the print.

Sund Dial

This specific set of works documents the sun's movement over a 30-60 minute period. These prints visualise repetition of time on a cosmic scale. The eternal loop of the rising and falling of the sun and moon, and in turn the passing of the seasons. The transition from day to night, light to dark, visible to invisible form the concepts of these works.

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