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Natural Light

Last month I took part in the Natural Light Exhibition at Air Gallery, Manchester. This was a group show organised by Lumen Studios which curated 14 artists’ work who were all, in some way, working with the medium of light. Light and air pollution were the two main ideas Lumen wanted to create conversation around during this exhibition, in order to delve further into our understanding and appreciation of the environments around us.

The work I chose to exhibit was titled ‘Overview (Celestial Study 1019146)’ which included my graphite drawing ‘Celestial Study 1019146’ being suspended horizontally, and bathing in a red glow. The Overview Effect has been described as a beautiful moment of awe that changes perspectives. Looking outward (from ISS) upon our small floating planet, admiring its complexity and natural beauty. This installation has evolved from thinking about our positions of looking and interacting with our skies. In futuristic thoughts about space travel we can envisage a time when it will become almost commonplace that we can leave this planet and experience the overview effect, in turn feeling more connected to ourselves, our neighbours and our world.

As ever, an element of time is present within this piece, as the evening draws in the light cast upon the drawing glows red. The furthest colour we can interpret as light, before it leaves our visible spectrum, becomes steadily apparent. An invisibility is highlighted here as this glow is always present but is masked by the power of daylight.

It was lovely meeting lots of the artists, Lumen Studios and the artists and gallerists at Air Gallery, who I had many interesting conversations with - so a big thanks to them!

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