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New Light 2020

In Nihilum 

02.03.20 - 07.03.20

The Swiss Church, London


New Light is a site specific installation which illuminates the curved wall behind the church’s altar. The light is cocooned as it envelopes the space, reacting to and alongside the space’s natural light balance. Blurring the idea of boundary, substance and volume - an ethereal aspect of nothing. 


The curation behind this show uses 6 pieces of art to represent the creation of the world. These are sequentially removed one by one, day by day, to leave the void represented by light. I will close the exhibition with a large interactive light installation on Saturday 7th March which incorporates the whole space (including ceiling). The light will no longer be confined to the curve of the altar, it will reflect and reflect multiple times to demonstrate a digitalised analog process.


“In Nihilum brings together 6 international artists: Hannah Archambault, Ellen Barratt, Camilla Hanney, Luke Jordan, Eloise Lawson and Hannah Walton. Their artworks jointly reinvestigate the Genesis creation myth against the contemporary backdrop of global environmental crisis. Examining the idea of myth, artistic divinity, and relationship to nature.”


Curated by Francisca Portugal, Pia Zeitzen and Aleksandra Shevchenko. This exhibition is kindly supported by ChariTea and Broken Clock Lingering Vodka

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