Artist Statement

As an artist, I like to observe. Merlau Ponty articulated the act of describing as an approach to sustain wonder. I have been heavily influenced by phenomenological readings and ideas of perception, light and its counterpart shadow. The sky is something that has always captured me, the transition from daylight to twilight and its uncovering of the stars. A natural transition from visible to invisible, a vulnerable layer of light. The full sensory experience of the sky must not be ignored here, the temperature and invisible elements making me aware of my skin, my body, myself. This tension between mind and body present united to the outside world is only uncovered in the ‘in-between’ by disregarding the subject-object separation. Being material and self-conscious, psychological and physiological, allows us to build bridges between experience, reality and context.


Situating the viewer in an immersive space of contemplation through projection and light manipulation, presence is central to my work. Pushing phenomena through installation to which everyone brings their own perception, somewhere between seeing and not seeing on the edge of materiality, the mind-body relationship within us probes this new setting through interaction and seeing the result of their own volume and mass.






- BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art (2015-18)

- Foundation Diploma at Manchester School of Art (2014-15)

Selected Exhibitions:

- Natural Light - Air Gallery, Manchester - 2019 - curated by Lumen Studios

- Summer Show - Amy's Courtyard Gallery, Macclesfield - 2019

- Mouth - The Artisan Well, Battersea - 2019

- (Solo) An External Light - Studio Gallery, Macclesfield - 2019

- Phototaxis - Untitled Factory Gallery, Paris - 2018

- Chelsea Degree Show - Chelsea College of Art - 2018

- An Idea for a Painting - The Workshop, Vauxhall - 2018

- BIONIC – Stour Space, Hackney Wick - 2018 - invited by the collective ‘The Third Eye’ 

- Translations - Chelsea College of Art - 2017

- Under the Barbers’ Shop - Barber Streisand, Angel - 2017

- Untitled Summer Show - Chelsea College of Art - 2017

- Conscious Configuration - St Pancras Crypt Gallery - 2016

- MSA Foundation Show - Manchester School of Art - 2015


- WONDER, Independent zine by Hannah Harkness, May, 2019

- Average Art Magazine, 33rd edition (April), 2019 - print

- Re: Pave (@re_pave), March, 2019, Instagram takeover

- Wot Is Art? Magazine, March edition, 2019, Liverpool - print

- A5 Magazine, #23 edition (February), 2019, Liverpool - print

- Where About Now, Berlin, 2018, Instagram publication



Get in touch directly for purchase inquires, commissions, press and collaborations: contact@ellenbarratt.com